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Individualization with series advantage

Bundled competence for the best possible results from a single source: Impress your customers from the automotive, home appliances, or consumer electronics industries, with unique surfaces. KURZ has the right solution for small production runs and large series manufacture: Customizable, economical, and sustainable concepts that showcase your brand.

With our subsidiary BAIER focused on tailor-made machines, we offer you complete solutions for aesthetic, functional, and innovative individualization of components.

  • Step 1: IMD process: Injection molding, plus molding and decoration in one step
  • Step 2: CYMK digital printing unit for subsequent customization
  • Smallest batch sizes with maximum customizability all the way down to one single piece
  • Lean, sustainable process

Baier Hybrid Machine

Orofin – online
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Take a look with us into the future of surface decoration and find out what is already possible today. Look forward to inspiration and ideas, exciting stories and innovations from the world of KURZ!


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